Love in the Time of Cholera

Nowadays schools open about the middle of September, and we suffer for the hot weather. But when I was a boy, school started in October 1st. We were lucky because they were effectively the mythical 3 months of holiday. The spare time was so much that it was hard to find ways to occupy it. We often spent lazy afternoons and boring evenings, simply doing nothing, me and my band. One summer I learnt how to play the guitar, another one how to use a typewriter keyboard with all 10 fingers. Many mornings spent cycling, that is the best way to enjoy the most hidden corners of your city. In many other mornings we went to the seaside by bus, the return trip with our clothes still soaked, to be at home in time for lunch. If instead you went to the seaside with your family, everything was organised to stay there at lunch time, eating typical beach foods, like bread with fried sweet peppers, rice salads and meatballs. But remember! You can't swim again before 2 hours from the lunch! Otherwise it's sure you'll be drowning!
Colera sud Italia 1973I clearly remember how we got excited, during the summer of 1973, hearing of the big cholera epidemic in Naples and Bari. It was forbidden to go to the seaside, raw fish and vegetables were banned, but the most fascinating new was that the schools were going to start one month later. One more month to prepare my mind to the idea that I was going to begin high school. One more month to pursue girls, hoping for a walk and, why not, for a kiss. Wearing tight bell bottom jeans we felt very seductive. Maybe we were only very very young.

E datecelo, questo benedetto livello C1!


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