Let the children

Let the children - FunSlowRide

words by Ben Sidran/Greta Panettieri music by Eugenio “GeGè” Telesforo/Alfonso Deidda
(Masaboba Edizioni Musicali-SIAE/Bulldog Music-ASCAP)
BEN SIDRAN-spoken word AINÉ-vocals JOY DRAGLAND-vocals
SEBY BURGIO – Wurlitzer, keys AMEEN SALEEM – ac. bass DARIO PANZA - drums
GEGÈ TELESFORO-keys, percussions

from the upcoming release FunSlowRide (spring time 2016)
produced by
GeGè Telesforo © 2016

“We all arrive through the gate of our dreams
And depart through the veil of our tears
And in between with the passage of time
We measure our moments in minutes and in years
And no one can take the measure of another
And no other can know what the other one knows
And only the love from a father or mother
Can go where our children are destined to go”

Verse 1
Let the children be
They will be
Let the children go
They will go
Let the children free to be free
Let the children…

“You can spend your life in spite of yourself
You can spend your life tossing coins in the fountain of time
You can spend your life wrapping string around paper
Or spend your time trying to make it unwind
But you can’t go where your children are going
And you cannot know what your children will find
And they are not your children for more than a moment
And you cannot go with them on their infinite climb”

Verse 2
Let the children feel
They will feel
Let the children know
They will know
Let the children try one more time
Let the children…

“Leave the world better than the way that you find it
Leave the air clean and the water like laughter
Take a moment each day to experience peace and
Replace what you take for those who come after
Help all the creatures who rely on your kindness
Don’t worry about another man’s soul
But feed his body and share your knowledge with him
He is your Children. Let all your children go”

Let the children dream
They will dream
Let the children love
and be loved
Let the children cry they will smile
Let the children…

“The water like laughter…
Experience peace…
Share your knowledge…

Verse 4
Let the children be
They will be “Let all your children go…”
Let the children go
They will go “Feed his body…”
Let the children free to be free
“Don’t worry about another man’s soul…”
Let the children…

“You cannot go where your children are destined to go
But You can set them free”


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